Throw Back Thursday: X marks the spot

Throw Back Thursday! A’s looks have changed so much from two years ago but her sweet personality is the same! Her hugs and compliments always make my day. She is so genuine and loving to everyone!!

Oh my and it says B and K are in first grade! They are in 4th now! How time flies!

We still do this hairdo often! It is great with A’s current short hair cut and perfect if you are trying to grow those bangs out!!

I love this hair do for X day at preschool. But it really works anytime! B and K, first graders right now still request this do! It works well with any hair and short as well as long!


Part the hair straight down the middle!


Take the front section on each side and put into two ponytails!



Divide the next section of hair on the right and brush it out smooth. Add to it the ponytail on the left.


Take the section of hair on the left, brush till smooth and then add the right ponytail to it!


There you have an X!!



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  1. Mirit

    Did it today to my 2.5 y old. got a lot of ccompliments

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      Yeah, for you and thanks so much!!

  1. Adorable Hairstyles Your Toddler Girl Will Love | juniors Magazine

    […] 3- Get two, one inch square sections of hair behind the first two. Cross the first two small ponytail to make a x and secure them with the back ponytails. It should look like an X. This is a lot like X Marks the Spot! […]

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