Worm Pigtails

This do is just like Worms I just did two pigtails instead of a ponytail. This do is super fun and cute but it does take a little while because of all the twisting! It is great for any type of hair but it does have to be medium to long in length. B loved sporting this do all day long because she got tons of compliments!

I started with a Knot on the front center of B’s head. When I originality posted Worms I did Thin Knots. Either or neither would work! Just parting it would look cute, anything you want really!


Part the hair straight down the middle and put it into two pigtails!

Twist and bobby pin small sections in place until you use all the hair. See Worms for more step by step details and pictures!


Do the same thing on the other side! Doesn’t it look so awesome!!

All set and ready for the day!!!!

I am still loving that toothless smile!!


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