Waterfall Ponytails

This is a fun bouncy do! I don’t like how it looks with B’s super thick hair but it worked well with all the other girls! It is really fun with bouncy A.

I often start these types of do’s with a knot in the front. That is because I like the hair to stay where I put it! You could just part the hair straight down the middle.


Part hair into two sections. Gather hair to make a ponytail. Wrap elastic about an inch from head.


Stick your comb down the middle to make a hole for the hair to come through! Make sure you go through the middle so your waterfalls are not crooked!

Push hair up through the hole.


Pull hair all the way through and tighten!


Now do the same thing to the other side!


All done! Don’t they look just like waterfalls?



This is a fun do too because you can change it a few different ways. You could just do one waterfall ponytail. With K, I braided her hair that I put into a knot.



You could curl the ends a little. I love how T’s cute curly hair looks!


So switch it up. Do what you like and let me know what you did and how it turned out!! I love to see pictures of your little princesses!

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  1. c32g

    Love It !!!!!!

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