Valentine Hearts

This is the month of love and today starts the week of all fun Valentine’s activities!! A is soooo looking forward to her school Valentine’s Day party and has already informed me of what she wants her hair to look like!! She wants 2 small braided hearts!

No matter what your daughter’s age or hair length or thickness there is a perfect style for her!

We first posted these ideas 3 years ago and we still love them!!

They all start the same general way. Divide the hair you want to use. Z is my model. You can see how I already did one heart. Here I am going to do two.



Now, instead of doing a normal knot, do it the opposite way. Push the hair up through the hole not down like normal!


Pull the knot tight. Split the ponytail into two sections and watch them naturally make a heart when you grab them at the bottom!

Decide how small or big you want the heart and then put an elastic to hold the shape. As you wrap the elastic the shape will come out, just reshape when the elastic is secure!! I took a small section of hair under the original ponytail to add to the bottom elastic to help keep the hair in place.

The double heart is great for a preteen or teen hair do because it is subtle!


For a different look I took B and put her hair in a small knot in front and then two piggy tails in the back. I flipped the ponytails just like I did with Z’s hair and then twisted  and twisted the hair before adding the elastic at the end to for the hearts! I used gel on my hand to help control the fly aways!!


For K’s instead of twisting the two pieces I braided each side and then secured with an elastic!


And finally for T and her baby hair I just did a small heart on the top side of her head!


If you want the hair to stay more secure add a bobby pin to hold in place!  Happy Valentines Day!!!!


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  1. leslie

    Im so excited! And so are my girls!!! SO CUTE!! Thanks Melissa!

  2. Michelle From Fun On A Dime

    Thanks for sharing these. They turned out cute and I had never thought about doing hearts in my daughter’s hair. I’ll have to give it a try!

    P.S. I featured you today from last weeks Friday Brag Fest!

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