Throw Back Thursday: Twisted Pig Tails

We love this do at our house still! K loves how everyone thinks she cut her hair when she first shows up to school! T’s hair is finer than K’s but it still works great!

This style is fun and quick for school days. It is also fun for an active weekend to keep that hair up and out of the way. K had this hair style at school on p.e. day and came home looking just as great as when she left for school!

Start with two piggy tails. I usually put them in mid back. I have tried this other places on her head and this is where I like them the best!

Hold one pig tail and start twisting it. I put a little gel on my hands to help smooth the hair as I twist it.


Twist until it naturally starts to pull toward the head. Slowly turn it in and tie a knot pulling the end of the hair completely through!

Let the ends of the hair just stick out! If the hair you are working with is longer a few curls would look cute! This might seem a little difficult but once you try it it isn’t that bad!


Use bobby pins to secure the twist. I use three or four coming from all different sides! Now do it to the other side!

A little hair spray and you are set to go!

Back view


Top view


Side view



This hair do works better on thin to medium hair. B’s thick hair doesn’t stay well like this!


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  1. hairstylesbymommy.com

    Denise, I don’t have time to shower the girls in the morning so I just brush through their hair with a wet brush! You could spray it with water too! Same thing!

  2. mom basua

    I like your post it’s a great idea, I still remember when u couldn’t do a pony tail.lol. Now your a hair stylist! Your doing great I love it keep up the good work.

  3. Tanya

    Thank you again! Aurora would kick and scream when it was time for me to try and do her hair. Now I just show her the pictures on your blog and she gets excited for me to do her hair like your girls! I let her pick out all the rubber bands and we’re done in no time and no tears. Thank you!
    Oh, and this hair do turned out very cute on Rora, the ends curled up all by themselves.

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      Tanya That is so awesome!!! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me!!!

  4. leslie

    Im excited to try this one!

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