Throw Back Thursday: Twist

Z has grown up so much since these photos! She mostly does her own hair and does this do or her own version often! I now do it on K and B as they get older and want more grown up hair styles! It is a super fun do, I see it everywhere!

This is a great tween/teen do. I do this for my hair too so it is a fun Mommy do too!! It would probably work on any age but I just do it on Z! She loves it and it is very versatile!!

Start with a short part on the left side of the head. I do it on the left because this is Z’s natural part line. You could do it on the other side.


Starting as close to the part as you can pick up a small section of hair and start twisting it.


Twist and twist and twist moving down along the bang line picking up hair as you go along.


Once you’ve went the length of the forehead stop picking up new hair and twist piece toward the back of the head and clip into place. I used big shiny clips  so you could see where and how I did it. You could use smaller clips, decorative clips, or bobby pins.


This takes a little practice to get it right. If you don’t like it just untwist it and start again! I use a little gel on my fingers to help keep the twist smooth and all the little flyways in place!

From here you have a number of different options to change it up. One is to just leave all the hair down.


Z’s favorite is a side ponytail.


You could just do a regular ponytail.


You could do two pigtails too.


Z’s favorite way is to hide the end of the twist. After you finish twisting pick up the hair where you want to clip it and clip it under that!


Carefully brush hair smooth and you are all set!


This time Z wanted her hair down, but you could do this with any of the above ponytails!



  1. Mommy 2 Java

    Thanks soooo much for all your tips! I don’t know what I would have done without this website! God Bless You!

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      Yeah!!! Thanks so much and I am glad you guys are having fun!!

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