Triple Twists Hair Do

I do this do on myself. Z liked it so much she asked me to do it with her hair one day! There’s a compliment right?! We even had matching hair one time!! This is a great tween, teenager do and works well for Mommies too! It works great with any hair.


What a silly girl, huh?

This is like the Three Twists hair do but diagonal. Start with a small section of hair on the center left hand side of the head. Take the front and twist diagonal toward the back picking up hair in a straight line as you go. Use a clip to secure it. If you are doing this on a younger, more active girl I would secure it with an elastic to keep it in place.


Do another twist right next to that one!

Now do a third twist.


You could be done! This way would be super cute with short hair!

Top front view!


If you or your daughter has long hair you could finish this do with a Messy Bun!



I pulled all Z’s hair back into a  side ponytail and did a Messy Bun.



I added a little flower to the back.


Like any new do I try, practice makes perfect! If you don’t like the way a twist is looking just start again. I have usually tried a do 10 times or more before I take pictures so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work right the first time. The girls always roll their eyes at me when I try something new because they know I will be trying it over and over again!



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  1. Jocelyn

    this is such a good idea!! do you do any kind of braids at all?

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