Tip and Trick #1: Don’t wanna do my hair!

I don’t wanna do my hair today! Do any of you hear that from your daughters? I do!! Often! This is what T said to me this week covering her head!


Many Mom’s tell me, my daughter doesn’t like me to brush their hair! I really understand. My girls don’t always want me to brush their hair either. In our house doing hair is like teeth brushing. It HAS to been done everyday!!!

I thought I would start putting all my tips and trick to hair doing down! Here is my biggest and best tip!

Make hair brushing FUN, not a chore!

Fun hair do’s make doing hair fun! Letting your daughter look in the mirror and look pretty is fun! On this day when T was grumpy I took this picture of her. I showed it to her and she started laughing. She then let me do her hair! Play games, be silly, have fun!!!



  1. Melissa Laing

    She is so cute! I can just picture this all going down.

  2. Steph

    Do you have certain products you recommend? Shea has long hair to her bum and she is only 3 so we have to detangle a lot of hair. Any suggestions?

  3. Michaela W

    Do you have any tricks about taking the hair do’s down EASILY? I do alot of your “do’s”, but cant seem to take down the “do” without cries and tears…..I don’t want to cut the hair but i try to just cut the band but there is still some tangling involved. Do you use a certain type of band? Thanks so much…… 🙂

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