Three Twists

This a lot like Thin Knots using the Twist method! It is great for long or short hair, church or a day at school! This is great for many different ages too so have fun with it!!

Start by dividing out a thin long section of hair on the top of the head.Start near the front and twist picking up a little hair at a time moving toward the back. Secure with an elastic as close to the end of the twist as you can get. I added a claw clip to cover up the elastic and give it a finished look.


Do another one on the right side.


Do another one on the left. Be sure to look in the mirror and make sure the hair is even on both sides. Twist towards the back and even with the other two. Secure with a elastic.


Here is a closer look!

Add that claw clip to make it look pretty!!

You are all set!! Side view!



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