Thin Knots

I know I say this a lot but I LOVE this hair do!! Really it may be my favorite! Here’s why, it is easy, quick, it can be fancy or everyday, and it works for everyone’s hair and every age AND it is a great next day do!!! It can be changed up too. Right now I will show you the basic idea with many alterations to come!!

One Sunday in church a cute teenager was giving a talk and I notice how cute her hair was. I altered it so that it would fit younger more active girls and have LOVED it ever since!!!

Without further ado, here we go!!

Start with a thin, long section of hair from the top of the head!


Secure with an elastic an inch above head and make a knot.


Now do another one! In a perfect world, these elastics would be even, but I left them a little off to show you it doesn’t matter!! It will turn out beautiful! They don’t have to be perfect!!


This day on K I did four thin knots sometimes I do three.






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  1. Diane Moore

    Oh yah sister my fav too..I love that its bak and yet its still down! Great job..

  2. Jamie

    This “knot” is really like a topsy tail…right? You are putting it in a ponytail and than separating above the elastic and than threading the entire ponytail through that, right?

    1. Jamie

      actually…I just clicked on KNOT and found that it is exactly what I was asking! Thanks bunches!

      1. hairstylesbymommy.com

        glad I could help:)!!!

        1. Siri

          How do u make the knot after tying the hair with elastic in the pic 2

          1. Hairstyles By Mommy

            You have to pull in under the elastic and through! Check under Beginner on the tool bar and look for Basic Knot for a better tutorial on knots! Good luck! We love this do!

  3. Tina Rak

    Hi I love this site and I am having trouble getting the knots tight and to stay looking nice…any advice to help? My daughter has long fine thin hair..and she sits still for me but my knots always look messy or do I just need to practice? Thanks so much this site is awesome!!!

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