Throw Back Thursday: Thin Knots Part 2

Throw Back Thursday

This is a much requested do around here! Have you tried it yet?

Here is another way I do thin knots. I use this ALL the time. It really is quick and easy and so pretty! It can casual or dressed up for church!! It has so many uses!!

It is exactly like thin knots. I just do it from ear to ear. If you started with three or four on top just add one or two on the side using all the hair. This is great for all hair and ages. I did this do on my 12 year old niece. She had bangs so I left them out and did all the knots, she did her bangs how she likes them. She loved how it turned out!

Here is T. Her head is small so I do less knots on her.


And the other side.


Front view.


Here’s B.




One Sunday I had extra time and curled K’s hair! I love how it turned out!



The Sunday after Christmas I  wanted all the girls to have the same hair with their matching dresses and this in the do I did.  Our family, just missing 13 year old N.


This is often a church do at my house! I wash hair on Sunday, then do this do. Monday for school I spritz with hairspray and gently re-brush knots.  Tuesday I hairspray and re-brush knots then put the hair in a ponytail or two. That night I wash it! Three days worth of hair dos!! Love it!!



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  1. Teresa

    First of all, did you invent “Thin knots” because they look so cool. I saw your instructions and it looks like you make a pulled back small ponytail out of the section and then bring the tail back through in a part you make in the section then bring it snugly back and smooth it down. Is this accurate?
    My daughter’s hair is fine and I have such a hard time with keeping it out of her eyes, especially for gymnastics. I don’t like just plain ponytails so I am glad I stumbled upon your site through Pinterest.
    Your demo pictures and instructions just say make a knot. It doesn’t really tell you how to make the knot. If it’s not as I described above, how do you make this knot? I don’t want to cause trouble in her hair so I don’t want to do something that is going to be hard to get out. Also, last question I promise, what kinds of bands are you using? I like to use the coated bands on my girls’ hair but yours looked like non-coated rubberbands. Are they?
    Since I like to be able to reuse the bands and not cut them out each time, I was wondering if it will work with the coated bands that are more gentle on the tender headed kids? Thank you for your patience with all my questions. I hope you didn’t get lost in them.

    1. Hairstyles By Mommy

      I am not sure if I invented thin knots! I saw something similar of a teenager at church though it wasn’t a knot and wanted to copy they idea but make it tighter so it would stay in my young girls’ hair to keep it out of their faces! So thank you and yes! That is how I do it! There is a better tutorial for knots on the Beginner tab on the tool bar just look for Basic Knot! I hope those instructions are helpful!
      Yes fine hair tends to be a problem but they more you play with her hair the easier it will get! You will understand what will and won’t work in her hair!

      I use many different types of small rubber bands. The coated and non coated both work great. The small ones work best and I don’t get the reusable ones because often they are to bulky for my taste, but you have to do what you and your daughter like the best!

      Hope that helps!!

  2. Anonymous

    Your kids are gorgeous!

    1. Hairstyles By Mommy

      Awwwww, thanks!!!

  3. Karlie

    Where is the tutorial on how to do it.

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