St. Patrick’s Day Hair Dos

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! The shamrocks are decorating the house! We have done a few green and rainbow crafts! K even has her leprechaun trap all set and ready! I love making a big deal out of this fun holiday!

The girls love having fun hair to match the day! They are already talking about having shamrock hair!

Here is the link to Shamrock Hair Do!


Here is the Four Leaf Clover Hair Do!

St. Patrick's Day - Four Leaf Clover

Which one are you going to do? Have a fun great day and don’t forget to wear green!!


  1. Cool Hairstyles

    Wow…amazing hairstyles for the children. I’ll try to do this for my young daughter..^_^

  2. katie

    Wow I just wanted to say thnx for all the ideas. I never used to know what to do for my hair for school in tha morns but now i got it under control!! 🙂

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