Single Backwards Puffy Ponytail

This is a super fun do. It is very similar to Backwards Puffy Pigtails. The only difference is it is one instead of two. I like two with B since she has the thicker hair but this works well on her and all the other girls too.

Start by parting out the hair you are going to use. I parted about an inch or so above the ear. Put the rest in a temporary ponytail!


This is what it looks like from the back.


Separate out the bottom section and put it into a small ponytail. I made K’s on the left side so elastics will go in a diagonal to the right but you could do them straight or go from left to right!


Do another one. Make this one a little more to the left!


Add as many as you want! Here is a side view.


This day K had four.


I like to put the top section in a Knot to help control the hair.


Here is a top view!


Then put all the hair and ponytails into a side ponytail.


Follow the diagonal of the small ponytails.


Too cute, right?!

Now go have some summer fun!!!



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