Side Knots

Throw Back Thursday Do! I continue to love this hairdo and do it to all my girls, short or long hair! It is quick, easy and everyone will be asking how you did it!!

This do is another take on Thin Knots. If you think of Thin Knots as vertical then these Side Knots are horizontal. One morning B asked to have her hair down. I wanted to do something different so this is what came about. She loves it because she feels her hair is down. I love it because it is neat and out of her face. I do this on all the girls so it is great for any age and hair. I think it would work well for short hair too since it is just using the hair on the top!


So here we go! Start with a deep side part on the left.


Take the front section starting at that part and turn it into a knot.


I use a clip to help keep the hair separate while I do the knot.


Now do another one.


And another one.


Now the final one.


I usually do three or four.






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  1. Denise

    I like this one A LOT!!!

  2. Erika

    I LOVE this … it’s so cute, but coming from the {seriously} hair challenged, I have a few questions: is this knot like a tie-my-shoe knot? Just cross over and loop around? And no clips to secure it? What about for super fine hair, especially on little, little girls?

    I would LOVE to be able to do this on my daughter!

    1. Clatk

      Erica, if you look at the top of the tutorial, you will see ‘thin knits’ in pink. Click on that link, and it will have a link to another page called ‘knots’ that will help you see how she makes the knots. Hope this helps!

      1. hairstylesbymommy.com

        Thanks for your help!! You are right on!!!

    2. hairstylesbymommy.com

      Thanks Erica! I am glad you like it! This is a GREAT do for the hair challenged:)!!!! No it is not like the knot you tie on your shoe, I think it is actually easier!! If you click on the pink “Thin Knots” you will find more explanation! I have done and seen this done on young babies and girls with very fine hair! Just practice a lot and you will look like a professional very soon!!!

      1. Wendy

        I wouldn’t call these “knots” I know the as pull through ponytails. You need one of those long tools that pulls ponytails back on themselves.

  3. Tammy Felder

    Too cute. This will be really cuts on my daughter who is letting he bangs grow out!

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      You are right! This is perfect for growing out bangs! Glad you like it!!

  4. Meike

    Hi! I just HAVE to thank you for posting these great tutorials on girl styles! These will be a welcome change for my little girl’s long hair. She almost always wants to wear it down, a d barrettes always fall out. These will be a fun and cute way to keep her hair out of her face. A huge bonus is the simplicity and how quickly the styles can be completed before school! You rock!

  5. Smitha

    I DID IT!!!! I am SO challenged when it comes to hair! Other than a basic pony or regular braids! I just did this on my 3 yr old and I LOVE IT! So easy, and it’s guaranteed to keep her hair out of her face! Luv your site! Going to try some of these on my 9 yr old later =)

    1. buzz628

      Yeah!! Good for you!! Keep practicing! It just gets easier and easier!!

  6. Lexie Mantelli

    Hello there, I found your site by the use of Google whilst searching for a comparable matter, your website got here up, it seems to be great. I have bookmarked to favourites|added to my bookmarks.

  7. Kate

    This is so cute I want to do it on myself!!

  8. IK

    HI, great ideas, great blog and beautiful models 🙂
    My daughter is 5 and has curly hair, it’s also thick- the hair itself is quite fine and thin but she has lots of it–so it’s the volume issue.
    We’ve been having a lot of arguments about her hair lately. She sees her friends come to school with different styles while she always have a ponytail or a braid. I feel bad and I wish I could style her hair but do not know how. Any suggestions? Do you use any hair products on your daughters? Thanks.

    1. Anonymous

      Run a straightener through her hair. My daughter doesn’t have curly but has wavy and with some hairstyles I can use it with the waves but others I just run the straighten through so that I can work in other styles.

  9. rachel

    ya til des coiffures pour cheveux crépus

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