Side Knots Part 2

Do you remember Side Knots? I love that do! It is quick, easy, works for all types of hair including short hair AND it is super, super cute! Here is a do that is a twist off that one. I used B as my model and love her hair like this. She really likes it too!

You are going to use the whole top middle section of hair. Start with the front part of that section, brush it smooth and do a side Knot to the right .


Grab the next section and do a side knot, this time to the left.


With the next section make a knot to the right again.


The last knot goes back to the left!

Cute cute, right?!?! Love that toothless smile!


Side View!


This is the perfect Next Day Do too! I just brushed the top with a little hairspray and parted from where the the knots end down and put it into two pigtails and it looked great!



  1. Brittany T.

    This is such an adorable hair style! My daughter has short, curly and this is so easy! <3

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      This is one of my favorites!! Thanks!

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