Product Review: Qoileez!

A while back, I was asked if I wanted to try out Qoileez!

I had never heard of them before but once I checked out their site I was hooked. Then I showed it to my girls and it was over!! You can find their site here. Qoileez! are a unique hair accessory. They are  these cute, coil things that stretch around your hair. They come in so many different colors and patterns that each girl found a few favorites! That is not an easy task in this house! My girls loved matching them to their outfits, though you can tell T is still working on her matching skills. Anyways my girls think they are super cute.

Here are a few examples of the way K, B, A and T have shown them off. Every where we go the Qoileez! get noticed and people asked where we got them! They are not expensive either. You can get 7 Qoileez for only 5 bucks!

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So what are my thoughts on Qoileez!? Well, I was glad to see how easy they are to use. Just stretch ’em and coil around your hair. The girls have used them in each other’s hair and in their doll’s too. I was pleasantly surprised by how well they stayed in hair. At first, I was a little worried that they would slide out of K’s thinner hair but they didn’t. Qoileez! stayed in nicely and looked the same at the end of the day. Since T is more active, I usually trapped her Qoileez! in her hair with small elastics, but I don’t really need to since they stay so well. Having daughters with different thickness of hair, I really appreciate that they can be used in pretty much any type of do. I also love the variety of colors and patterns. There’s a Qoileez! for any outfit, which is important in my house. Lol

The girls have had a good time with them too. I let them help me pick which pack to get and they had the hardest time choosing. We ended up getting the pickalicious surprise mix! and the only blue skies surprise mix! both of which are perfect for our family since we tend to dress in pick and blue a lot.

According to their website there are many others uses for Qoileez! You can put them on glasses, pencils, markers or knitting needles. We haven’t tried any of those yet because we are too busy using them in everybody’s hair.

As you can tell we love Qoileez! at our house!!

Take a look at their site here. I highly recommend it. 🙂

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