Ponytail with Mini Braids

I saw something like this on a cute girl when we were out one day and I had to try it on T! She thought it was super cute and has requested it many times in the last couple months! It is great for many different ages, all my girls would wear their hair like this. It would also work on all types of hair! And it is super easy! LOVE IT! I think a curly ponytail with a couple of these braids would look adorable! Too bad I don’t have any curly hair.

This is a great way to dress up a regular ponytail!

Anyways… cute right?!


I started this adorable do with a knot. Find the tutorial for that here!



Pull all the rest of the hair into one ponytail.


I wanted to do 3 mini braids, one on the right, one in the middle and one on the left. You could do more or less, three is just right for T’s patience!

I started with a small chunk of hair on the right.


Then I just braid it!

I then did a second one in the middle!


And a third one on the left.


Done! Easy peasy and super cute!! I did the braids different lengths just to mix it up a bit but different or uniform…both look great!

T loves it!






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