Ponytail Veil

This style is great for a fancy occasion or for a normal school day. It works well on all the girls, even my picky tween Z!

Pull all the top front hair into a ponytail. You could either do a knot or not, depends on your time and preference.


Do the same to the right side.


Now the same thing on the left.


Split the middle ponytail into two pieces. Take the piece on the right and the ponytail on the right.


Put them together and secure them with an elastic about two inches down from the first elastic.


Join together the left half of the middle ponytail with the left ponytail and secure with an elastic, even with the one you already did.


Add the two ponytails together and secure with an elastic about two inches down.


Side view.


You could add cute clips or cute hair gems (they have a few styles at Wal-Mart!) at the elastics to be a little more fancy!




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  1. Jennifer

    I luv it but I put some of my bangs out and gonna wear it during school

  2. chanel

    I luv it, what if you don’t have any of those small hair bands?

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