Picture Day

Picture day at school is coming! I have had a couple questions about how I do hair for this memorable day. This is a day that is remembered always, at least in a picture! All this applies to any time you take pictures!

I like to go pretty simple! First I do a do that I love love on the girls. For each girl that is usually a different do.  Most of the time a lot of their hair is down. I try to stay away from curls because I don’t want them to go flat before the pictures are taken! I also stay away from leaving all the hair down because on my girls it never stays neat!

Boys are easy! Take N, he does his hair like this normally! No reason to change that! My boys get their hair cut within the week of pictures so it is just the way my hubby and I like it! I add my hubby because he cuts their hair and is in charge of the boys!!:)


A rarely brushes his hair for school. I just make sure it doesn’t look like he just rolled out of bed! For picture day though, I like his hair parted and combed neatly! My hubby usually takes care of A’s hair!


Now for the girls! Z has such pretty hair I wanted it down but out of her face so we did a simple Twist!


K loves her hair down. We did Diagonal Thin Knots. Simple, down and super cute!


B’s all time favorite do is Side Knots so that is what we did! I did the alternating ones. Plus I LOVE how they look on her!


Little A was easy. I wanted to capture her Twisted Braids that she loves so much!


One last tip, when I do the hair in the morning I explain to the girls how I want their hair in the picture! For example, I told K to put all of her hair in front of her shoulders. I told B I only wanted one side of her hair over her shoulder and the other side behind her shoulder! Plus I show them in the mirror so hopefully they can remember and do it when they take the picture!

Do you have any tips or trick for picture day? Please share!!


  1. Cozy Friedman

    Great post on picture day hairstyles! I love those side knots! Also, I love your suggestion about practicing hair placement in the mirror–I’ll have to use that one. I own 3 kid’s hair salons in NYC and just blogged my 8 Tips for Picture Day. Check it out, and I welcome any comments! http://www.cozyscutsforkids.com/blog/index.php/2011/09/8-tips-for-picture-day/

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      Thanks so much! I checked out your site and really enjoyed it!! Thanks for the comment!

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