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I was featured on another awesome blog! Check it out [highlight]HERE![/highlight]

It is all about having a successful picture day! There are lots of tips and tricks to getting the best school photo!

Picture day is around the corner for us! Can’t wait!!


Z on picture Day 2011, 6th grade!


Throw Back Thursday: X marks the spot

Throw Back Thursday! A’s looks have changed so much from two years ago but her sweet personality is the same! Her hugs and compliments always make my day. She is so genuine and loving to everyone!!

Oh my and it says B and K are in first grade! They are in 4th now! How time flies!

We still do this hairdo often! It is great with A’s current short hair cut and perfect if you are trying to grow those bangs out!!

I love this hair do for X day at preschool. But it really works anytime! B and K, first graders right now still request this do! It works well with any hair and short as well as long!


Part the hair straight down the middle!


Take the front section on each side and put into two ponytails!



Divide the next section of hair on the right and brush it out smooth. Add to it the ponytail on the left.


Take the section of hair on the left, brush till smooth and then add the right ponytail to it!


There you have an X!!



My blog was mentioned on Au Pair Care  as they talked about Quick Back to School Hairstyles For Girls!! It is always fun to be noticed and mentioned on someone else’s blog so give Au Pair Care  some love and go check them out!! You can see the post [highlight]here![/highlight]

There are lots of other cute hair ideas listed on the blog too!

One of my do’s mentioned is Ponytail Veil! Quick, easy and super cute!


Fabulous Five Friday 9/6/13

A weekly peek into our family life!

I can’t believe it is September!! I love fall! Though you can’t tell it is fall right now. This week has been warm and beautiful!

We spent Friday night at N’s football scrimmage. Another reason to love fall, football!


This girl got to spend a day hanging with Grandpa! She loved it! Apparently she took Grandpa’s glasses, I think she looks pretty good in them!


A stayed home from school for two days with a swollen eye! She got a mosquito bite right on top of the lid. Poor thing, looks worse than it was though!



This is my van and I love!! It is a twelve seater and it takes our family everywhere we need to go. This week the starter went out. That means I was 2 days without my van!! In this family that is hard. I drive my kids to a charter school which is 15 minutes away and I pick them up too.  You can see why I need my van! Thanks to a wonderful friend all the kids got to and home from school safely. Thanks to my in-laws and their great connections it was fixed quickly! And thanks to my parents for helping get the kids to the activities they had! This week has made me more grateful for my van and family and friends!



Am loves origami. He is always folding papers into something. He made stacking boxes which everyone played with for hours!


Those were a few moments from my week! Hope yours was wonderful and have a great weekend!






Throw Back Thursday: Thin Knots Part 2

Throw Back Thursday

This is a much requested do around here! Have you tried it yet?

Here is another way I do thin knots. I use this ALL the time. It really is quick and easy and so pretty! It can casual or dressed up for church!! It has so many uses!!

It is exactly like thin knots. I just do it from ear to ear. If you started with three or four on top just add one or two on the side using all the hair. This is great for all hair and ages. I did this do on my 12 year old niece. She had bangs so I left them out and did all the knots, she did her bangs how she likes them. She loved how it turned out!

Here is T. Her head is small so I do less knots on her.


And the other side.


Front view.


Here’s B.




One Sunday I had extra time and curled K’s hair! I love how it turned out!



The Sunday after Christmas I  wanted all the girls to have the same hair with their matching dresses and this in the do I did.  Our family, just missing 13 year old N.


This is often a church do at my house! I wash hair on Sunday, then do this do. Monday for school I spritz with hairspray and gently re-brush knots.  Tuesday I hairspray and re-brush knots then put the hair in a ponytail or two. That night I wash it! Three days worth of hair dos!! Love it!!


Ponytail with Mini Braids

I saw something like this on a cute girl when we were out one day and I had to try it on T! She thought it was super cute and has requested it many times in the last couple months! It is great for many different ages, all my girls would wear their hair like this. It would also work on all types of hair! And it is super easy! LOVE IT! I think a curly ponytail with a couple of these braids would look adorable! Too bad I don’t have any curly hair.

This is a great way to dress up a regular ponytail!

Anyways… cute right?!


I started this adorable do with a knot. Find the tutorial for that here!



Pull all the rest of the hair into one ponytail.


I wanted to do 3 mini braids, one on the right, one in the middle and one on the left. You could do more or less, three is just right for T’s patience!

I started with a small chunk of hair on the right.


Then I just braid it!

I then did a second one in the middle!


And a third one on the left.


Done! Easy peasy and super cute!! I did the braids different lengths just to mix it up a bit but different or uniform…both look great!

T loves it!






Fabulous Five Friday 8/30/13

A weekly peek into our family’s life this week!

We have finally (hopefully) gotten into the school schedule.

N started his sophomore year at high school and second year in early morning (starts at 6:30) seminary (religious class).



Tori loves to take pictures of my phone! Love this selfie of her!


A is playing his first year of flag football. He is loving it! He doesn’t play for a few weeks still but he wanted a mouth piece in order to get used to it! He wanted one in his favorite color…hot pink!



This kid is silly and crazy and full of love! He has been a little bored with out all his sibling to entertain him! Good thing he can always find something to do!


N is working on his Eagle Project! He is collecting stuffed animals for kids going through traumatic events!


Hope your week has been great too!



Throw Back Thursday: Mini Puffy Braids

TBT! Love this do for keeping that hair back! Love those two cute little girls…wish they weren’t so big now!

This do is great for any hair and can be adopted so many ways according to your sweetie’s hair and your preference. It is very similar to puffy braids! It takes a little time and a number of rubber bands! This is a great great next day do!! It holds up so well!



Start by deciding how many rows you want to do. With T I did four rows, whereas A has five rows! If you do four, part the hair down the middle and start your first pony tail. If you want five, make the first row right in the middle and go from there!

Separate the section you are going to use! Start by making one small ponytail. Get your next section and brush smooth before adding the front section to it and secure with an elastic. Finish with a third ponytail.


Continue following the parts you made until you finish all the rows!

Side views.



A variation of this for young girls or short hair is just to do two and leave the sides down!

This is super cute!!


Another day I did T’s hair like this, I put five rows!


Then I gather the ends in the back, secured with an elastic and added the flower T wanted!


The curls and flower made it fancy!!


How to Do A Dutch Flower Braid

Flowers and Braids

Braids are often worn during formal occasions like weddings and prom nights. Actually in Ireland, brides traditionally braid their hair for their wedding day because it was believed to bring them good luck. According to Life123, “Braided hair is an ancient symbol of feminine power and luck.” Aside from this popular belief, there are other wedding traditions that some Irish women continue to follow such as adding English lavender in their bouquet. It was said that the sprigs of this flowering plant can result to a long lasting and happy marriage.

As years passed by, more women are starting to wear braids not only during formal gatherings, but also during casual settings. Even famous celebrities were spotted having braided hair including Blake Lively with a fishtail braid, Jessica Alba with a French braid, and Scarlett Johansson with a Dutch braid. If you’re wondering what a Dutch braid is, then it is like a French braid except that you have to work on the outside and not the inside.

Unfortunately for the English lavender, only a few brides continue to include this in their bouquet. Often times more women choose the colorful bouquets of M&S Flowers because they look more appealing. What’s more important to these modern brides are their appearance and not the tradition anymore.

Speaking of flowers, you can actually add flowers to your braids. I read this hairstyle called Dutch Flower Braid at Beauty and Health Care Tips and here’s how you can do that:

1. Start the partition of hair on the left side. Do a reverse French braid in that area heading towards the right side.

2. From the right side, you will continue braiding towards the left side again until you form the letter “S”.

3. Braid the remaining strands on the lower left part of your hair. Continue braiding until you form the same pattern and until there are no more strands left.

4. Use a rubber band to tie the tips of the hair so that the hair won’t be sticking out.

5. Wrap the Dutch braid counterclockwise then use a pin to secure it.

6. Pin the flower strategically on the back of the head, but make sure to hide the pins so it won’t ruin the look.


Friday’s Fabulous Five 8/23/13

Time for Friday’s Fab Five! It has been a crazy, fun week! You know, nothing new!!

We spent the day at the beach with friends soaking up the last rays of summer. The kids were braver than ever and 4 of them actually boogie boarded in the cold water! They were all soaked and had a blast!



Five kids started school Tuesday! They all had fabulous first days and love their teachers! Z is in 8th, A is in 6th, B and K are 4th graders and A is in 2nd!


We have a milkweed plant that had caterpillars on it. Two of them cocooned on our porch ceiling. We have been waiting and waiting for the butterflies to come out and they both did this week! T spent a lot of time outside watching them!


B and K helped me tie some more super soft fleece blankets for a service project.


My poor exhausted boy feel asleep pretending to play video games with his big brothers!!


Hope your week has been GREAT too!




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