Fabulous Five Friday 11-8-13



I know I know! Halloween was over a week ago but since I didn’t get it up on the blog last week I wanted to do it this week! We love Halloween in our house! Here are a few of my adorable/scary trick or treaters!


T went with me to N’s Friday night game!! Our team got a BIG win which will hopefully lead us to play offs!! She loved being of the field after the game and was so proud of her big brother!


My brother and sister in law visited this weekend! They were here for a wedding and super busy but my brother made it to both football games! Thank goodness he did because this kid scored twice!!



We started a new thankful tradition and made a Thankful Wreath!


This boy warms my heart! All the kids went to bed and M was in my room with a notebook and pen. He looks at me and says, “I doing my homework!” I love that he wants to be like his big brothers and sisters! They are such good examples to him!


Hope you have a sweet week!







Throw Back Thursday: Crazy Hair!!

We moved  to CA 2 years ago and obviously changed school. Our new school hasn’t had crazy hair day until NOW! Red Ribbon week was last week. Each day has a different theme, crazy sock day, wear red day, CRAZY HAIR DAY! My kids were jazzed! So in prep for pictures of what we did this year here is a few do’s we have tried in the past!


At our school every year we have spirit week. One day during this week is devoted to Crazy Hair Day! This is a big deal in my house!  My kids actually plan for!! They love it!

Well, this fun week is coming next week and as usual all the kids are planning what to do. I thought I would post what I have done in the past to get your creative juices flowing just in case you have Crazy Hair Day at your school too! Unfortunately this are old pictures and I don’t have any step by step ones, just final products. Hopefully my explanation will be enough!!

Z wanted  big hair! So big hair she got!

I pulled all her hair into a big ponytail on the top of her head.


I then teased and teased and teased her hair.


I finished it off with lots and lots of hairspray. She loved how it turned out!

Next we have AB. Yes, I said all my kids not just the girls! He loves this day and he always has the best hair.


A head full of tiny ponytails is what he wanted! He needed a hair cut really bad but we let it go just for this day! I tried to go in rows instead of just random but either way would look perfectly crazy!


I used LOTS of gel to get his hair to stand up straight! All the different colored elastics made it fun too.


Fabulous Five Friday 10-25-13

Everybody but the high school kid had fall break this week! It was great to relax and do pretty much nothing!!

We spent a day at the pool relaxing!

Someone had a birthday and turned 5!! Holy cow!


M made a huge mess with the cereal while I was trying to get ready! Good thing he is too cute to be mad at!

A, K, and B attended a small cheer clinic and had a blast!!



A was missing our caterpillars so she added one to our milk weed plant. This girl has a crazy imagination, and I love it!


That is our week, hope yours has been great!!



Throw Back Thursday: Puffy Braid

Throw Back Thursday! Love this cute little face! And this do! It is fun to change elastic colors to match outfits. We still do it tons!


This is a great do for any type of long hair. I really love it for B’s thick hair. It stays out of her face and in control. I do this do all summer when we are active, especially going to get wet. It is perfect for the pool. It works great for any age too!


Start by parting the hair straight down the middle! I put one side up in a quick  ponytail just to get it out of the way. Part section of hair for the first small ponytail. I also put all the rest of the hair into a ponytail to get it out of the way each time.


Put the hair in a ponytail.


Divide next section and put it up in a ponytail. Quick tip: Brush each section of hair smooth before adding the ponytail. Sometimes the sections will get bumpy if you don’t do this!!

You can make as many sections as you want. Today for B I did four. So keep going and section another ponytail.


Then the fourth and final one!


Now do the other side. Be sure to follow the parts across.


In the pictures it is hard to tell that the elastics alternate between light and dark blue. Elastics are fun to play around with on this do!


Throw Back Thursday: Twist

Z has grown up so much since these photos! She mostly does her own hair and does this do or her own version often! I now do it on K and B as they get older and want more grown up hair styles! It is a super fun do, I see it everywhere!

This is a great tween/teen do. I do this for my hair too so it is a fun Mommy do too!! It would probably work on any age but I just do it on Z! She loves it and it is very versatile!!

Start with a short part on the left side of the head. I do it on the left because this is Z’s natural part line. You could do it on the other side.


Starting as close to the part as you can pick up a small section of hair and start twisting it.


Twist and twist and twist moving down along the bang line picking up hair as you go along.


Once you’ve went the length of the forehead stop picking up new hair and twist piece toward the back of the head and clip into place. I used big shiny clips  so you could see where and how I did it. You could use smaller clips, decorative clips, or bobby pins.


This takes a little practice to get it right. If you don’t like it just untwist it and start again! I use a little gel on my fingers to help keep the twist smooth and all the little flyways in place!

From here you have a number of different options to change it up. One is to just leave all the hair down.


Z’s favorite is a side ponytail.


You could just do a regular ponytail.


You could do two pigtails too.


Z’s favorite way is to hide the end of the twist. After you finish twisting pick up the hair where you want to clip it and clip it under that!


Carefully brush hair smooth and you are all set!


This time Z wanted her hair down, but you could do this with any of the above ponytails!


Fabulous Five Friday 10-11-13

Finally I know! Fabulous Five Friday! A peek into our family’s daily life!

My amazing hubby had a birthday this week! He is the absolute best thing that has happened in my life! I love him! Taking pictures with this many kids is always an adventure! This was our favorite! Silly faces!



M had his first dentist appointment! He loved it and did sooooo good!  He loved his space ship duck and big boy chair movie! Best part for me? No cavities!


A finally had his first game! After weeks of practice they won 44-6!


Playing soccer with her brother Monday night little A’s mouth hit A’s knee (that wasn’t confusing:)) and knock out her not loose front tooth and made the other one loose! Thankfully they needed to come out and would have in the next couple months!



K and I had a fun date watching N’s game!  Go Raiders!!






Throw Back Thursday: Baby Piggies!

A’s hair isn’t long enough for this do right now but we do T’s hair like this all the time! She loves it just like her sister did! It is a great way to dress up a basic ponytail!

I love Throw back Thursdays! Each picture brings back many memories! A has grown so much in the last few years! She lost a tooth this week and has that cute toothless smile!

This is Little’s A’s favorite do. It is quick and easy and according to her looks so cute! A named this do and I think it is the perfect name and a super cute do for a super cute girl!! It can be done on all hair types. I like it best on shoulder length hair!


You can do a knot or just a small ponytail in the middle front of her head.


Then part it and pull it into a pigtail. The trick is the last time you loop the elastic around do not pull the hair all the way through. This leaves a baby piggy. Yes, A thought of the name herself!


Now do it to the other side and you’ve got baby pigtails!


This works best on shorter hair! The longer you get it doesn’t look as good.


Throw Back Thursday: Four Little Piggies

Throw-Back-Thursday! Seems like this is all I have time for lately! I feel like life is in super speed right now! Had to repost this on today because I am missing my little girl! She will be 5 soon and I can’t stand it! Why does time fly so fast?!

We don’t do this as much as the girls have gotten older,  but T and A still sport it! Perfect for little girls and great for growing out those bangs too!!


This a fun do that is great for all types of hair! It works really great on younger girls. Different colored elastic and clips add to the fun!



Part the hair straight down the middle. You are going to put all the hair on the top into four pigtails.


Separate the front part of each side and put into two pigtails.


Now do the same thing to the next section of hair adding to it the small ponytail.


Then do the other side!


Quick tip: Before you add the front pig tail brush the hair nice and smooth then add it!


As I mentioned yesterday T loves flowers and clips. You could tell through all the above pictures she couldn’t wait to get those clips in her hair!

Throw Back Thursday: Twisted Pig Tails

We love this do at our house still! K loves how everyone thinks she cut her hair when she first shows up to school! T’s hair is finer than K’s but it still works great!

This style is fun and quick for school days. It is also fun for an active weekend to keep that hair up and out of the way. K had this hair style at school on p.e. day and came home looking just as great as when she left for school!

Start with two piggy tails. I usually put them in mid back. I have tried this other places on her head and this is where I like them the best!

Hold one pig tail and start twisting it. I put a little gel on my hands to help smooth the hair as I twist it.


Twist until it naturally starts to pull toward the head. Slowly turn it in and tie a knot pulling the end of the hair completely through!

Let the ends of the hair just stick out! If the hair you are working with is longer a few curls would look cute! This might seem a little difficult but once you try it it isn’t that bad!


Use bobby pins to secure the twist. I use three or four coming from all different sides! Now do it to the other side!

A little hair spray and you are set to go!

Back view


Top view


Side view



This hair do works better on thin to medium hair. B’s thick hair doesn’t stay well like this!

Throw Back Thursday: Head Band

Throw Back Thursday! Another awesome do I still do all the time! We love it! Quick, effective and super adorable!

T was just a little over 2! Soon she will be 5, oh how time flies!

I like this do for church because the hair is back but it is still down around the face. Very soft and very pretty! This do works great for short hair since it only uses the front hair and it is good for thick or thin hair!


I start by separating the hair I want to use and then put the rest back in a temporary ponytail. This is a little trick I do a lot! It helps keep the hair I want down, in the end, out of the way. How much hair you have out depends of your girl’s head and your preference! Experiment and do what you like! I did the front portion from the back of one ear to the other!



Start on the left side and make a small ponytail with about a fifth of the hair. In the end, you are going to make five small ponytails.


Do another small ponytail adding to it the first ponytail. I did one more small ponytail on this side so there are now three total.


Make one small ponytail on the right side now. There should still be a small piece of hair not in a pony tail.


Then have them all meet together for the last ponytail. This ponytail should be on the top right side.


You could do a knot here. Honestly you could do knots for all of them. T is not the most patient girl so I really have to be fast with her hair! I do this do both ways with A and K, but B’s hair is too thick for multiply knots!


Here is a good view so you can see all the sides!



Take the back ponytail out, brush out the hair and you are good to go!


See how the hair just settles around the face so soft and pretty?! But it is still back a bit.


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