More Do’s For Back To School

These back to school do’s take a little more time, but not much, and are absolutely worth it! They are all super cute!! They are some on our favorites and not to be forgotten just because they take a little more time. I try to balance my hair do’s in the morning when I want to do a do that takes more time! For example, if B’s do is one from below, K and Z’s do’s are really quick ones! This way I have time to do it all!

Five Braids Into A messy Bun This do could be done without the messy bun and would still be cute cute cute!


Puffy Braids This do is perfect for keeping hair back even B’s thick hair. Great for all types of hair. It can also be braided.


Another Headband This do works well with any hair type and length and is perfect for keeping hair out of the face but still down and soft!


Fancy Ponytail The parting in this do is what takes the most time but it is adorable! I love it with most lengths and any type of hair!


3 Twist Side Bun This do is a must try for a tween/teenager!


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  1. Jenny

    I have a 7yr old girl n I am always looking for new ways to do her hair n have pictures step by step on how to do them. Thank you for ur time..

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