Mini X’s

Hello, hello!! I am still here! Sorry it has been a very long two weeks! The kids had a short week and then a week of no school. But I am here with a new do for YOU! This is perfect for short hair but works well for any length! It also works well for any type and most ages, it would be super cute on a baby!! This is great for controlling bangs that you are growing out too!

Start with a part straight down the middle.


Take about an inch square section on both sides of that part and secure in an elastic.


Get two, one inch square sections of hair behind the first two. Cross the first two small ponytail to make a x and secure them with the back ponytails. It should look like an X. This is a lot like X Marks the Spot!


Do it one more time!


If you wanted you could be done here!



A’s hair on the sides tend to get in her way and get dirty so I like to pull it back. I gathered all the hair on the right following the part and did a basic Knot!


I did the same thing on the left.


Love it!! So cute!!


I hope everyone is enjoying their Halloween weekend!!!!


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  1. Cher Hurry

    great post thx

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      Thank you Thank you!!!

  2. Alessandra

    Hallo! Nice hairstyle!
    How does it work with long hair???
    I tried on my daughter’s hair but i found it difficult to make
    a neat and clean knot!
    Thank you

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      Thanks so much!! This do works great with long hair!! I know the knots take practice!! Try spraying the hair with water, slightly damp. That might help!!!

  3. Jocelyn


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