Throw Back Thursday: Mini Puffy Braids

TBT! Love this do for keeping that hair back! Love those two cute little girls…wish they weren’t so big now!

This do is great for any hair and can be adopted so many ways according to your sweetie’s hair and your preference. It is very similar to puffy braids! It takes a little time and a number of rubber bands! This is a great great next day do!! It holds up so well!



Start by deciding how many rows you want to do. With T I did four rows, whereas A has five rows! If you do four, part the hair down the middle and start your first pony tail. If you want five, make the first row right in the middle and go from there!

Separate the section you are going to use! Start by making one small ponytail. Get your next section and brush smooth before adding the front section to it and secure with an elastic. Finish with a third ponytail.


Continue following the parts you made until you finish all the rows!

Side views.



A variation of this for young girls or short hair is just to do two and leave the sides down!

This is super cute!!


Another day I did T’s hair like this, I put five rows!


Then I gather the ends in the back, secured with an elastic and added the flower T wanted!


The curls and flower made it fancy!!


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