Mini Braided Crown

This do was actually k’s idea! She loves the Braided Crown! She asks me to do that do all the time! One day she wanted it but she wanted her hair down too. I played around and she and I both love how it turned out! Now she is always asking for this one! It is perfect for any type of hair. Since is only uses the top hair it would look cute with shorter hair too!

Start by parting the hair down the middle. Make two smaller ponytails on each side of the part using all the hair on the top front of head! I put the elastic a little closer to the ear so the crown will be bigger (wider).


Braid both of the ponytails.


Take the braid on the left, add it with an elastic to the braid on the right!


Pull the braid on the right toward the one of the left and secure with bobby pins! Tuck the ends over and around the braids and use bobby pins to secure until you like how it looks!


Quick and easy AND super cute!


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  1. Jocelyn

    this is soooo cute! one of my favs SO FAR….i love this site!!


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