Mickey Mouse Ears

This is great for younger girls but doesn’t work well on thick hair because it is too heavy. Or on super long hair.  T named this do Mickey Mouse Ears when she looked in the mirror after I did it and thought she looked like Mickey Mouse, whom she LOVES!

I started with a Knot on the top front of the head. I did the knot off center and then at a diagonal so it only goes to one side.


Part the rest of the hair down the middle. Take the right side and put it into a high, high pigtail. Include all the hair from the knot. The last time you wrap the elastic around don’t pull the hair all the way through. Only pull it half way like in Baby Piggies.


Do the same thing to the left side.


And you are all set! Mickey Mouse Ears!!

Perfect way to keep your little one cool on a hot day!



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