Messy Bun 1

A messy bun is a great way to throw the girls’ hair up and it still looks great and even can be elegant! This works great for any type of hair.

Z has yet to be featured on here. She is a little picky about how I do her hair. This is one of her favorite dos. This is great for teens and preteens and would even look good on a Mom!


I start with a small knot in front.  This is only to keep the hair out of her face all day, an older girl could probably skip this!


Pull all the hair back into a ponytail.


Now split the ponytail into two pieces, top and bottom.


Fold both pieces in half meeting at the elastic.


Secure with another elastic.


Pull and move the hair around until you like how this looks. Because of this step the bun might look a little different each time you do it!


Take a section of hair and secure with bobby pins closer to head. One trick with bobby pins is to put them in overlapping to make a X. This will make them stay better!


Do that all around the bun until you like how it looks and it is secure!


Here is a side view.


We added a small flower and Z was set!


I did this do to B on the same day. Instead of a flower we put clips throughout the bun for a different look.



  1. Malinda

    Just came across your blog from a pinterest.con pin. So excited I found it. Lots of great, fun and SIMPLE ideas! Thanks!

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      Thanks!! I am so glad you like it!!

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