This style has lots of different names but in our house we call it a knot. This is my most basic do and it can be made up many many different ways. It can be used with long hair or short hair, thick hair, thin hair and everything in between. Fancy. Basic. Quick. Easy. You’ll see once you’ve mastered this you will be using it all the time! I do and I love it!

Each of my girls has different hair and this works with each of them. K was my patient model here. K’s hair is the thinnest, if you can call it that. It was curly when she was little but it all grew out. Enough reminiscing before I cry! Here we go!

I made a small pony tail on the top of K’s head. The elastic is about an inch above her scalp.


I used a comb with the pointed end to stick through the pony tail under the elastic and made a hole.


Flip the ponytail through the hole.


Pull the pony tail tight. You could add a spritz of hair spray and then comb it a little to help it stay and look good!



You could leave it like this or pull the rest of the hair back into a ponytail like I did to k’s.



All finished, now go try it and remember practice practice!


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  1. Kristina

    Love your tutorials! I have a girl with long hair and you have such great ideas! What you call a knot we call in our house a topsy-tail…I even found a topsy tail kit on amazon several years back (yes I had one in the 80’s as well) and it really helps when I want to do a pony tail “knot” 🙂

  2. Tina Rak

    I love this site and the hairstyles are so cute and easy….but I am having trouble getting my knots tight..especially when I do the thin knots….my daughter has long fin thin hair and I am just wondering if there is a trick to getting them tight or just keep practiing?? Thanks

  3. Caroline

    Hi! Great site! I’m trying to branch out from the braid and ponytail rut for my girls, and tried this basic knot today. Any tricks for getting it to lay flat on their heads? Whenever they bend their heads forward it flips over; I clipped it down but yours looks like it would stay in place without a clip. Thanks for any insight, I’m a hair newbie!

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