How to Do A Dutch Flower Braid

Flowers and Braids

Braids are often worn during formal occasions like weddings and prom nights. Actually in Ireland, brides traditionally braid their hair for their wedding day because it was believed to bring them good luck. According to Life123, “Braided hair is an ancient symbol of feminine power and luck.” Aside from this popular belief, there are other wedding traditions that some Irish women continue to follow such as adding English lavender in their bouquet. It was said that the sprigs of this flowering plant can result to a long lasting and happy marriage.

As years passed by, more women are starting to wear braids not only during formal gatherings, but also during casual settings. Even famous celebrities were spotted having braided hair including Blake Lively with a fishtail braid, Jessica Alba with a French braid, and Scarlett Johansson with a Dutch braid. If you’re wondering what a Dutch braid is, then it is like a French braid except that you have to work on the outside and not the inside.

Unfortunately for the English lavender, only a few brides continue to include this in their bouquet. Often times more women choose the colorful bouquets of M&S Flowers because they look more appealing. What’s more important to these modern brides are their appearance and not the tradition anymore.

Speaking of flowers, you can actually add flowers to your braids. I read this hairstyle called Dutch Flower Braid at Beauty and Health Care Tips and here’s how you can do that:

1. Start the partition of hair on the left side. Do a reverse French braid in that area heading towards the right side.

2. From the right side, you will continue braiding towards the left side again until you form the letter “S”.

3. Braid the remaining strands on the lower left part of your hair. Continue braiding until you form the same pattern and until there are no more strands left.

4. Use a rubber band to tie the tips of the hair so that the hair won’t be sticking out.

5. Wrap the Dutch braid counterclockwise then use a pin to secure it.

6. Pin the flower strategically on the back of the head, but make sure to hide the pins so it won’t ruin the look.


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