Hippie Braids

I love love love watching Dancing With The Stars! A couple of the do’s remind me of hippie type do’s! One of the dancers had this do a few shows ago. I thought it was super cute and my peace loving girls, Z and B, love it! It is great for all types of hair.

Start by parting the hair straight down the middle!

Take a small section on the top right side and braid it as far as you can.


Z likes her braids really thin, you could do thicker ones using more hair.


Do the same thing on the other side, make sure the hair amount is the same.


Brush the rest  of the hair smooth. I put a spritz of hair spray on the crown of the head and then re-brush to keep it down. Join the two braids in the back with an elastic!



Adding a flower is super cute or curling all the hair would be elegant.






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  1. Alexa

    I love the hairstyles you do! You give me great ideas to do my little sister’s hair! Great Job! 🙂

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