Throw Back Thursday: Head Band

Throw Back Thursday! Another awesome do I still do all the time! We love it! Quick, effective and super adorable!

T was just a little over 2! Soon she will be 5, oh how time flies!

I like this do for church because the hair is back but it is still down around the face. Very soft and very pretty! This do works great for short hair since it only uses the front hair and it is good for thick or thin hair!


I start by separating the hair I want to use and then put the rest back in a temporary ponytail. This is a little trick I do a lot! It helps keep the hair I want down, in the end, out of the way. How much hair you have out depends of your girl’s head and your preference! Experiment and do what you like! I did the front portion from the back of one ear to the other!



Start on the left side and make a small ponytail with about a fifth of the hair. In the end, you are going to make five small ponytails.


Do another small ponytail adding to it the first ponytail. I did one more small ponytail on this side so there are now three total.


Make one small ponytail on the right side now. There should still be a small piece of hair not in a pony tail.


Then have them all meet together for the last ponytail. This ponytail should be on the top right side.


You could do a knot here. Honestly you could do knots for all of them. T is not the most patient girl so I really have to be fast with her hair! I do this do both ways with A and K, but B’s hair is too thick for multiply knots!


Here is a good view so you can see all the sides!



Take the back ponytail out, brush out the hair and you are good to go!


See how the hair just settles around the face so soft and pretty?! But it is still back a bit.



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  1. Mia

    Love your blog because my mother was awful at doing hair so I was at a loss with two girls of my own. Determined not to have wall flower girls I was thrilled to find your blog. Thanks ever so!

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      I can totally relate!!! So glad you found my site!!!!

  2. Cherly

    thanks so much for sharing your ideas, and pictures of those beautiful girls. I have been running out of ideas to put up my daughter’s hair, but she loves to wear her hair down.

  3. Alexis

    My daughter has so much hair and tons of curls, but i did this to her hair and it looks too cute and she loves it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. TraciB

    I am the mother of 3 boys… I now have one beautiful little granddaughter. She is being raised by my son and while he is doing a great job… her hair is often a mess and her clothes are mismatched 🙂 When she comes to stay with “Ninny” I doll her up like you wouldn’t believe. These tutorials are heavens sent. I have no idea what I am doing! LOL Thank you!

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