Hair Cut!

For the most part I let the girls decide how long or short they want their hair! Sometimes I can steer them in the direction I want them to go with their hair, but the older they get the more the want and can decide what they want!

When A started saying she wanted short hair I was all for it!! All I could think of was all the great new do’s I could do on her! It took us a few weeks to get done but on Sunday my fabulous new sister in law cut her hair!




She cried a little because she is going to miss her all time favorite do that I will post tomorrow! When she saw all the hair on the ground her eyes bugged out a little!!


She LOVES LOVES LOVES her hair!!! She can’t stop looking at it in the mirror! She keeps flipping and swishing it!!!


Now guess who wants her hair cut?! I don’t think so! Not for a while!!



  1. Diane Moore

    Aww squish..she looks so cute!

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      Doesn’t she?!?! She loves it!

  2. Tilly

    If you don’t want Little to have short hair you’d better remove all scissors from the house! My youngest is a DIY-er about hair length *sigh*. Can’t wait to see more short-hair ideas!

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