Frozen Hairstyle

Three the girls in my house have seen the movie Frozen and two have not! But ALL of them LOVE LOVE LOVE the songs from Frozen and know them each by heart! It is a rare occasion to come into my house and not hear someone singing that song right now!


Whether or not they have seen the movie they love Elsa and Anna though their favorite might be Olaf.

I stumbled across this blog post on Confessions of a Hairstylist showing one way to recreate Elsa’s hair! I love it and though it goes way against my need for my daughter’s hair to be neat and out of their face I really like it and would probably try it for a special occasion, Halloween too maybe!


  1. Nancy King|Royal Holiday Complaints

    It must look AMAZING, i want to try it 😀

  2. delannie

    hi I am delannie and I would like to know how you and ana do your hair

  3. delannie

    I want to know so I can do it for ester today

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