Friday’s Fabulous Five 8/23/13

Time for Friday’s Fab Five! It has been a crazy, fun week! You know, nothing new!!

We spent the day at the beach with friends soaking up the last rays of summer. The kids were braver than ever and 4 of them actually boogie boarded in the cold water! They were all soaked and had a blast!



Five kids started school Tuesday! They all had fabulous first days and love their teachers! Z is in 8th, A is in 6th, B and K are 4th graders and A is in 2nd!


We have a milkweed plant that had caterpillars on it. Two of them cocooned on our porch ceiling. We have been waiting and waiting for the butterflies to come out and they both did this week! T spent a lot of time outside watching them!


B and K helped me tie some more super soft fleece blankets for a service project.


My poor exhausted boy feel asleep pretending to play video games with his big brothers!!


Hope your week has been GREAT too!




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