Friday’s Fab Five 8/9/13

Introducing Friday’s Fab Five!! A little look into our family’s life! The crazy, the fun, the happiness and maybe sometimes even the sadness! Each Friday I will post 5 of my favorite pictures from the past week. Hopefully I will be able to limit it to 5! 🙂


I adore summer! That fact surprises many people, but I do! I love sleeping in and no regular schedule and most of all having all my kids home around me. It is so great to just get up and go and do what we want. Now as the kids get older they go in different directions and have more things scheduled but no where near the same as the school year.

Fab Five #1

We have a pool in our gated community and our family loves it! We are in the pool 4-5 times a week, sometimes more, all summer long. It is the greatest ever and when we buy our house I want a pool. My kids are silly and crazy!


Fab Five #2

Z looks on Pinterest daily. She gets all sort of ideas and projects! She found this one using a rack as a necklace hanger. She worked with Grandpa sanding and painting it and they hung it up this week. It turned out great! Now she says she just needs more necklaces!:)


Fab Five #3

A had her seven year old physical this week. She is such a joy to our family. She did a great job at the Dr. so I took her for a special treat, just the two of us.


Fab Five #4

N is about to start his sophomore year in high school and his 2nd year playing football for them.  All summer he has been practicing with the team and/or working out. He got his pads and jerseys this week. Let football season begin!


Fab Five #5

T is a book worm. She loves to look at books. She often picks books that are a little too old for her, she loves to “read” the chapter books that her sisters read! This book is perfect because it has lots of drawings so she can “read” the book herself. She took it to the pool one day and refused to get in the water until she had finished it!


Our summer is coming to and end, only one more week for most of the kids so we have to live it up! Hope your summer is going slow and is wonderful!







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