Friday’s Fab Five 8/16/13


Time for another Friday’s Fabulous Five! We have had a busy week, getting ready for school to start… Tuesday! And trying to enjoy the rest of the summer!

Z, B, and K set up breakfast for the family one  morning! They made place cards and menus for each person. They made the food, served the food and clean up when they were done. Best  breakfast all summer!



M being the crazy silly boy that he is. This kid cracks me up!


I love living 10 minutes from the beach and so do the kids!



We tied some fleece blankets as a service project. The girls have had a fun time with all scrapes making bracelets and headbands.


T is a firecracker but she has the sweetest mothering side too! You never know which side will come out around here. I love small moments like this when she is super sweet and all is well in my world!


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