French Braids

This is going to be a journey you can take with me!  Are you ready?!

Confession time: I don’t know how to french braid! Does that shock you? It shocks a lot of people I talk to! They think all the do’s I do are hard and french braiding is easy. Whereas I think french braiding is hard!

So, here we go I am going to learn how to french braid! I have seen so many cute cute do’s that require french braiding! Plus I have had numerous requests for a french braiding tutorial!

I decided instead of just practicing, practicing and learning how to do it I would take you along on my journey to show you how anything can be done!! If I can learn to french braid, YOU can learn to do any hair style you want with a little practice!

I sat down with B Saturday night. She had taken a shower and I just did a quick blow drying job on her hair.  I dried her hair because it is so thick it won’t dry over night in braids! I parted the hair down the middle but not straight! I made them not straight because my goal was her hair the next day not great looking hair then! Get me? I started with the side with more hair and attempted to french braid it! I had the concept of braiding and slowly adding more hair to the braid. My fingers had a hard time getting the hang out if!  I had to go back and redo parts when I didn’t like how they looked! It took me a while and B got a little sore holding her head still in weird positions while I braided and re-braided it! But we did it! I did my first french braid!!

Here is what B looked like Saturday night!

If you know how to french braid, don’t look too closely! It really is a work in progress!


Lots of room for improvement!


The great thing about french braids is that they are FABULOUS, Next Day Do’s! Sunday morning when B got up and ready for church I took out her braids and her hair looked beautiful!!


Nice waves and body!

I didn’t fully undo her braids! I left a small section in the front to keep the hair back.


I really love the final results of the braids! I usually have to have my sister or Mom braid the girls’ hair to achieve this look! I was so proud that I was able to do it myself!


This do is great for any age. I love my hair like this! It also works well with most thickness of hair! I am excited for when I am better at french braiding because I can do it in the morning, send B to school with braids and then she can have cute kinky hair the next day!

I will keep practicing and when I like how the braid looks I will make a video tutorial for you on how to french braid!!

Any suggestion for me? What do I need to do to get better?


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  1. Loni

    LOVE french braids! I still find them hard! This looks great on her hair! Beautiful girls 🙂

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