Throw Back Thursday: Four Little Piggies

Throw-Back-Thursday! Seems like this is all I have time for lately! I feel like life is in super speed right now! Had to repost this on today because I am missing my little girl! She will be 5 soon and I can’t stand it! Why does time fly so fast?!

We don’t do this as much as the girls have gotten older,  but T and A still sport it! Perfect for little girls and great for growing out those bangs too!!


This a fun do that is great for all types of hair! It works really great on younger girls. Different colored elastic and clips add to the fun!



Part the hair straight down the middle. You are going to put all the hair on the top into four pigtails.


Separate the front part of each side and put into two pigtails.


Now do the same thing to the next section of hair adding to it the small ponytail.


Then do the other side!


Quick tip: Before you add the front pig tail brush the hair nice and smooth then add it!


As I mentioned yesterday T loves flowers and clips. You could tell through all the above pictures she couldn’t wait to get those clips in her hair!


  1. Anne and Teresa

    Lol I was looking at some of the hairs styles you’ve done for your kids for my artwork when I read that you call them T & A, well I’m Anne and my mom is named Teresa and we are called that by our family a lot x3 thought it was neat to see it elsewhere.

    Really neat hairstyles by the way, idk if I can draw half of them lol!

    1. Hairstyles By Mommy

      That is cute!! Thanks for the compliments! Hope you drawing turn out great!

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