Fancy Updo

Updo’s are always fun to play around with. This one is a curly updo and can be done on any hair that is long. It is great for any age and any occasion!

Start with a small ponytail at the base of the neck. Do a Backwards Knot.


Side view.


Make another ponytail right above that one. Add to it the smaller ponytail keeping out two small sections of hair. One on each side of the ponytail. Make that one into a Backwards Knot too! It should look like this.


Side View


Make a ponytail in the middle of the head. Add the second ponytail you made to it leaving out two small pieces on each side! As you can see I did a small Knot with the top front section of hair to help keep A’s hair in place. You don’t have to do this step.


Secure the big ponytail out of the way and curl the four sections of hair that are hanging down.



Let the ponytail down and curl all the hair.



I used bobby pins to secure a few of the curls around the top of the ponytail to make it fuller and prettier from the front.


Side view. Too cute, right?!



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