Fabulous Five Friday 9/6/13

A weekly peek into our family life!

I can’t believe it is September!! I love fall! Though you can’t tell it is fall right now. This week has been warm and beautiful!

We spent Friday night at N’s football scrimmage. Another reason to love fall, football!


This girl got to spend a day hanging with Grandpa! She loved it! Apparently she took Grandpa’s glasses, I think she looks pretty good in them!


A stayed home from school for two days with a swollen eye! She got a mosquito bite right on top of the lid. Poor thing, looks worse than it was though!



This is my van and I love!! It is a twelve seater and it takes our family everywhere we need to go. This week the starter went out. That means I was 2 days without my van!! In this family that is hard. I drive my kids to a charter school which is 15 minutes away and I pick them up too.  You can see why I need my van! Thanks to a wonderful friend all the kids got to and home from school safely. Thanks to my in-laws and their great connections it was fixed quickly! And thanks to my parents for helping get the kids to the activities they had! This week has made me more grateful for my van and family and friends!



Am loves origami. He is always folding papers into something. He made stacking boxes which everyone played with for hours!


Those were a few moments from my week! Hope yours was wonderful and have a great weekend!






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