Fabulous Five Friday 8/30/13

A weekly peek into our family’s life this week!

We have finally (hopefully) gotten into the school schedule.

N started his sophomore year at high school and second year in early morning (starts at 6:30) seminary (religious class).



Tori loves to take pictures of my phone! Love this selfie of her!


A is playing his first year of flag football. He is loving it! He doesn’t play for a few weeks still but he wanted a mouth piece in order to get used to it! He wanted one in his favorite color…hot pink!



This kid is silly and crazy and full of love! He has been a little bored with out all his sibling to entertain him! Good thing he can always find something to do!


N is working on his Eagle Project! He is collecting stuffed animals for kids going through traumatic events!


Hope your week has been great too!



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