Fabulous Five Friday 11-15-13

It has been a great great week! So much going on here!

Our weekly visits to the library are always fun! I love that most of my kids love to read!


I made a new batch of laundry detergent! I tried this out a few months ago and enjoy the money I save and it cleans the clothes well! This was a new recipe! I want to try a few to see which I like best! This one smelled so good!


T was playing with my phone while we were waiting for kids and got this shot! Gotta say I love it!


N and his team got 2nd place in their league!! They have had a great season and are excited to keep playing. Tonight we will go to Santa Monica to watch him play Santa Monica High School. They look evenly matched so it should be a great game!!! His has a great support system of grandparents and uncles and aunts!


The kids are always making and leaving little notes or origami creations for me and each other!! I love walking into a room to find sweet notes or drawings stuffed under the door or laid nicely on the bed waiting for someone to find it!


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