Fabulous Five Friday 10-11-13

Finally I know! Fabulous Five Friday! A peek into our family’s daily life!

My amazing hubby had a birthday this week! He is the absolute best thing that has happened in my life! I love him! Taking pictures with this many kids is always an adventure! This was our favorite! Silly faces!



M had his first dentist appointment! He loved it and did sooooo good!  He loved his space ship duck and big boy chair movie! Best part for me? No cavities!


A finally had his first game! After weeks of practice they won 44-6!


Playing soccer with her brother Monday night little A’s mouth hit A’s knee (that wasn’t confusing:)) and knock out her not loose front tooth and made the other one loose! Thankfully they needed to come out and would have in the next couple months!



K and I had a fun date watching N’s game!  Go Raiders!!






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