Double Twists Into a Side Pony

Z LOVES this do!!! It is great for the tween/teen crowd. It is also great for Moms. But is works on younger girls for a fancy occasion or just going to church! Z’s hair is long but it would look cute on shorter hair too!

Start with a deep side part. I did Z’s on the left because that is her natural part line. Make sure the hair is brushed smooth. You will understand why this is so important in a minute!


Starting on the right side as close to the part as you can pick up a small section of hair and start twisting it.


Twist and twist and twist moving down along the bang line down toward the ear picking up hair as you go along.


Go down behind the ear and have you little sweetie hold onto it.


Now go to the left side and do the same thing! Start as close to the part as you can and start twisting down and behind the ear. Can you tell that without smooth hair in the beginning it would start to bubble and not look nice and neat.


Keep twisting along the back of the neck toward the other twist. Join them together with an elastic in a side ponytail. If at any point you don’t like how the twist looks just back up a bit and twist it again.


You could braid the hair instead of leaving it as a ponytail but either way right on top of that elastic would be a super cute place for a hair clip!



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