Double Hidden Braids

I mostly do this do on Z because the younger girls are too active and their hair ends up all over the place!! Z loves it and we do it often!! This do would work with long or short hair since you are just using the top front part of the hair! Thin or thick doesn’t matter, it all works and looks waaaay cute!!


Start by parting the hair straight down the middle!


Take the top front section of hair and make a small braid.


Do the same thing on the other side.


Pull a small section of hair up towards the back of the head and secure hair underneath that hair with a clip.



Do the same thing on the other side.


Now you are all set to go!

So pretty!!

As always make this your own and do what you like. You could do the braid thicker or hide them under less hair so you see more of the braid. Have fun with it!!

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