Double Headband

So sorry I missed two days posting this week! My computer got a virus on Wednesday and it completely shut down my computer! It was terrible!! My amazing hubby spent the day re imaging my computer and fixing it!! He truly is the best!!! It was also my birthday which took me two days to celebrate! But I am back with another do!!

This double headband is a follow up to the headband seen here! I usually do this one on the older girls to keep the hair back farther from their faces.


Start the exact same way as a regular headband. I turned these small ponytails into knots because Little A is a lot more patient than T!


Seperate the next section of hair you want to use and secure the rest back in a ponytail!


Start on the left side of the head and make a small ponytail. Follow the same parts as in the front.


Continue around the head using all the hair you set aside.


Join the three pieces of hair (one from the left last ponytail, one from the right last ponytail and the front ponytail) for the last ponytail.


Top view.


Right side view.




You can either do knots or not with this do, both ways look cute! This hairdo works great for short or long hair. It looks great with either thick or this hair too. I did the knots in B’s thick hair and didn’t like how they looked because with so much hair they really poofed out so I just do the small ponytails!

And as a side note, this do woks well for the next day! Just spritz with hair spray and pull it all back into a ponytail for a new look!!!

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