Double Braided Ponytails

I have done this on Z, B, K, and A many many times! It is great for any type of hair. It does have to be medium long though. Anyways, I have never done it on T because she has these cute little curls and I know they are growing out so I hate to do a do that covers them up. I wanted something quick and different so I tried them. They turned out so cute!!


Start by parting the hair right down the center and make two piggy tails on the back center of the head.

Divide the first pigtail into two pieces. Braid one of them.


And then braid the other one. I put a little gel in my hand and rub it through each section before I braid it! This  helps smooth it out.


Now fold both braids in half up to the elastic.


Put an elastic around all the ends!




This could be done with one, two, three or even fours braids. T’s ends curl up cute so I just leave them but they could be curled or teased a little. I like them sticking up too!


T really likes flowers and clips in her hair. This is the perfect do for those!!!


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  1. leslie

    I really really like this one!!! So cute! Im going to try it on Brinley. She loves braids!

  2. Denise

    LOVE it! I’m gonna do it on Shayla, too. Leslie, I speak it for Sunday! ūüėČ

  3. leslie

    They are in two seperate primaries…

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