Diagonal Thin Knots

This do is a spin off of Thin Knots. I love to do K’s hair like this when I need something cute and fast!! B’s hair is too thick! I don’t like it in her hair or the little girls, A and T, because it doesn’t keep enough hair out of their faces! Z likes it  in her hair though. It would be great in short hair too!


It takes a little playing to figure out exactly where to place the first diagonal line. And each head is a little different! Start on the left middle side and pick up a thin diagonal piece!


This is how it looks from the side.


When you like the angle do a Knot!

Follow the diagonal and make another knot.


And one more. I like three knots.


All done!!


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  1. Seasea

    How do you make the knot? I’ve looked but can’t find the initial instruction. Thanks.

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