Curly Up Do

My baby brother is getting married in July! The tradition in our  family is that all the nieces and nephews wear matching dresses/outfits! I LOVE this tradition! Lucky for me I am the oldest and have watched five others get married. My brother will be the sixth and then my sister will be left. My kids feel like such a part of the wedding and everything that is going on with clothes that match! So I have to find the perfect dos for a perfect day!!

So this do is perfect for any hair and any age! It would even look super cute with shorter hair!! It would be great for prom or any fancy occasion or church.

Sunday I practiced my first idea on K. She was so patient through all the curling and all the distractions that come on Sunday mornings as I bathe and get seven kids and myself ready for church!


I started by making three ponytails, one with all the top hair. Then I split the rest of the hair down the middle and put it in the other two.



Curl all the hair in the first ponytail.


K’s hair does not take to curling the best so a few tips to help it stay! Products! Products! Products! I put gel through each ponytail before I curl it. Then I put the end in and roll it up and then spray with hair spray!

Here is the first ponytail all curled. After it is all curled I spray it again!


Now the second.


Then the last.


Use bobby pins to place curls around head. There is no rhyme or rhythm to this step. It is just how you like it. Poor K had to endure a few changes! When you have it like you want it use more hair spray! I know, I know lot of hairspray!!


I rolled the top some and arrange the curls to cover the empty spots.


I liked the final results, but we will see if it makes it to the wedding day!cud-10







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