Criss Cross Hair Do

I almost want to say criss cross applesauce! That is what all my kids chant as they start kindergarten! That is how that are taught to sit on the floor, be quiet and listen to the teacher!!

Anyways on to a super cute way to keep hair up, back and looking good! This is a great do for any type of hair and various lengths! I love B’s thick hair like this because it stays in place! It starts like X Marks the Spot and continues down using all the hair! Way cute!!

Don’t you just LOVE those clips too! They are from Lil’ Miss Couture! I love them! She has tons and tons of cute stuff! Be sure to check her out! She is on Facebook too!

Start with a part straight down the middle. Then comb the front section into two small ponytails using all the hair in the front.


Side view


Divide the next section of hair on the left and brush it out smooth. Add to it the ponytail on the right so that it crosses over and secure with an elastic.


Take the section of hair on the right, brush till smooth and then add the left ponytail to it, making an X, secure with an elastic.


Continue to the next section and do the same thing, making another X.


Do it again with the last section, making a final X.


I place my small ponytails a little farther out to the side than I normally do so the X’s are wider, more visible and cuter!


This do is perfect for some cute bows, clips, or flowers! As I mentioned these cute clips are from  Lil’ Miss Couture! The girls and I love them! These ones remind K of little frilly skirts with a little bling! Be sure to check her out and say “hi” for me!!


So so cute, right?!




  1. April

    I tried this today on my 7 year old and her 8 year old friend. they love it. Bangs really do complicate things though!

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      I am so glad!! Have fun with all the new do’s!!

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